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All officers of the Royal Navy qualified as a Navigating Lieutenant should be in this category. They are properly placed here by having a {{CatNavigatingOfficer|UK}} at the bottom of their page.

As an editorial note, I find the Navigating Branch a very boring and perilous career path. A Navigating Officer was often the one blamed for the grounding or wrecking of a vessel on land, and his best "upside" was merely to not do so, or to have impressed a superior officer in his general attentiveness and verve. Although it is not really fair to say so, their greatest claim to somnolescence was that they seldom were given command of a ship, which is one of the focuses of our biographical pages.

As a counterpoint to the blanket statement above, a small number of these men really stand out, and inspired me to create a fanciful category for Gold-Crazed Navigators. Do check its members out!

NOTE:  Do not add text to this page if the Navigating Officer in question has a page for himself. 
If he does, add {{CatNavigatingOfficer|UK}} to the bottom of his page

When a navigating officer of whom we know so little that he does not yet have a page, we can and should record his particulars here in brief as a holding place for this data.

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