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Acting Commander Reginald Gregory, R.N. (6 April, 1883 – 21 June, 1922) served in the Royal Navy. He became an aviator, and worked with the Royal Naval Air Service's Armoured Car Division in Begium and Russia.

Life & Career

Raised by his mother.

Gregory was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 June, 1905.

Gregory was appointed to take a six month course in aviation on 1 March, 1911 at the Royal Aero Club. He emerged with his certificate on 21 September and was sent to Actæon, additional, for aviation duties, helping on the Imperial Defence Comittee dealing with Aerial Navigation. On 1 April, 1912 he was appointed as Squadron Commander, Naval Flying School. Gregory was a member of a committee to standardise aeroplane controls.

On 15 April, 1913, Gregory was appointed in command of the Yarmouth Group of Air Stations.

Gregory was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 30 June, 1913.

Gregory was promoted to the rank of Squadron Commander on 1 July, 1914. The Belgian Minister asked that he might remain in Belgium to work with armoured cars. He took the same skills to Russia in 1915 through late 1916.

Gregory was promoted to the rank of Acting Commander on 24 April, 1915 and was appointed to the Royal Naval Air Service. He returned from Russia on 8 September 1917.


Gregory was appointed to Tamar, additional, on 11 October, 1921 and for charge of a chart and chronometer depot upon his arrival in Hong Kong. He died in this post at Hong Kong on 21 June, 1922 of organic heart disease.

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