H.M.S. Northesk (1916)

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H.M.S. Northesk (1916)
Pendant Number: G.15 (1914)
G.83 (Jan 1917)
H.21 (Jan 1918)
none (Apr 1918)[1]
Builder: Palmer Shipbuilding and Iron Company[2]
Ordered: Nov 1914 (2nd Order)[3]
Launched: 5 Jul, 1916[4]
Completed: Aug, 1916[5]

H.M.S. Northesk was one of one hundred and three destroyers of the "M" class built for the Royal Navy during the Great War.


Northesk was assigned to the Fifteenth Destroyer Flotilla in October, 1916, as it was still building up to strength.[6]

In July, 1918, she went from Gibraltar to join the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla, which was operating in the Mediterranean.

She was reduced to C. & M. Party at Chatham on 3 September, 1919.[7]


Dates of appointment are provided when known.

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