Clyde Local Defence Flotilla

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The Clyde Local Defence Flotilla was a Local Defence Flotilla in the Royal Navy stationed at the mouth of the River Clyde on the West coast of Scotland.


Test Mobilisation, July 1914

September, 1914

The flotilla is entirely comprised of the Ninth Submarine Flotilla, which then had three "A" class submarines and three surface vessels, one an armed yacht. Its strength would vary over time, but it would not get greatly larger than this.[1]

This roster would apply until September 1916.

September, 1916

The Ninth Submarine Flotilla, which has withered to just Pactolus and submarine B 4 is redesignated the Seventh Submarine Flotilla (which had formerly been a component of Firth of Forth Local Defence Flotilla) the and remains the only component of the Clyde Local Defence Flotilla. Eighth Submarine Flotilla, a component of the Harwich Force is redesignated as the Ninth.[2][3]

This roster would apply until the flotilla was disbanded sometime in November, 1916.

Captains (D)

Dates of appointment given:


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