H.M.S. Exmouth (1934)

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H.M.S. Exmouth (1934)
Pendant Number: H02
Builder: Portsmouth Royal Dockyard
Launched: 7 Feb, 1934
Sunk: 21 Jan, 1940[1]
H.M.S. Exmouth was one of eighteen "E" and "F" Class destroyers completed for the Royal Navy. She was one of two "leaders" of the class, having an additional 4.7-in gun and a slight speed increase.


Lt. Cdr. Arthur Grey Skipwith was appointed to the ship to oversee her completion on 23 May, 1934.[2]

Re-commissioned at Portsmouth on 30 April, 1935 for service as flagship of the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet.[3]

Exmouth was torpedoed north of Scotland in January, 1940. No one from her crew survived.


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