"E" and "F" Class Destroyer (1934)

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Eighteen "E" and "F" Class Destroyers were completed in 1934-35 for service in the Royal Navy. They were very similar to the preceding "C" and "D" class, but had an improved hull form and three boiler rooms rather than two, though the overall displacement remained roughly the same.

The eight destroyers of the "E" Class were led by Exmouth, which was a bit faster and featured a fifth 4.7-in gun, while the eight "F"s were led by Faulknor, similar to Exmouth.

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"E" and "F" Class Destroyer
"E" Class Leader
  Echo Eclipse Electra Encounter  
  Escapade Escort Esk Express  
"F" Class Leader
  Fame Fearless Firedrake Forester  
  Foresight Fortune Foxhound Fury  
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