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The Beaufort Testimonial commemorated the service of Rear-Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, K.C.B., who served as Hydrographer of the Navy from 1829 to 1855.

Founded in 1860, it was an annual award of "instruments or books of a professional character and of practical use to a Naval Officer" given to the Midshipman who scored highest in navigation and pilotage in examinations for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant.

The Wharton Testimonial

In 1907, the additional Wharton Testimonial was founded to commemorate the service of Rear-Admiral Sir William J. L. Wharton, K.C.B., F.R.S., who'd been Hydrographer of the Navy from 1884 to 1904. The Wharton prize was funded by about £950, the interest on a portion of that sum was added to the interest on the capital and the total amount will be employed in purchasing some instrument or work of a kind to be practically useful to a Naval Officer. The interest on the remaining sum will be used to purchase for the winner of the joint prizes a gold medal having on the obverse a bust of the late Sir William Wharton and on the reverse a suitable inscription.

The two awards for the same object were then given annually under the names of "The Beaufort Testimonial and the Wharton Testimonial," thus associating the names of two Hydrographers of the Navy.[1]


The awardees are denoted in Navy Lists by a * appearing after their name in the Navy List's seniority list. If they also received the Wharton Testimonial, the designation is **.

Year Recipient Notes
1860 Alfred T. Dale
1861 John A. Fisher
1868 Edmund F. Jeffreys
1870 Alfred A. C. Parr
1871 Tynte F. Hammill
1872 Henry J. May
1875 Arthur M. Field
1880 Richard H. Peirse
1881 Walter Clifton Slater
1882 Bernard Currey
1883 Frederick W. F. Hervey
1885 Harry Jones
1887 Arthur C. Leveson
1888 Sydney R. Fremantle
1890 Horace L. A. Hood
1892 Ralph P. Clutton
1894 Edward G. Lowther-Crofton
c. 1895 Harold Ernest Browne [Citation needed]
1896 Henry George Robinson Bevan
1898 Barry E. Domvile
1899 Joseph Charles Walrond Henley
1900 Cecil V. Usborne
1901 Noel S. Tindall
1901 John L. Cather
1902 Ralph George Dinwiddy
1903 Arthur Rice
1904 Julian Francis Chichester Patterson
1906 Alfred Hugh Taylor
1907 Hugh Cecil Robert Feilding
1908 Francis Douglas Mowat also Wharton
c. 1908 Claude Preston Hermon-Hodge also Wharton[2]
1909 Edward L. S. King also Wharton
1910 Geoffrey D. Taylor also Wharton
1911 Oliver Bevir also Wharton
1911 Anthony B. Lockhart
1912 Eustace Rotherham also Wharton
1913 Rhoderick R. McGrigor also Wharton
1920 William L. Berridge also Wharton
1921 William A. C. Binnie also Wharton
1922 Thomas K. W. Atkinson also Wharton
c. 1923 John E. Broome
1924 John Peter Lorne Reid also Wharton
1925 Robert Spencer Warne also Wharton
1926 Earle Hathway Thomas also Wharton
1927 Christopher Michael Jacob also Wharton
1928 Alyn Lee Taylor also Wharton
1929 Herbert Geraint Trewby Padfield also Wharton
1930 Albert Henry Ffitch Hunt also Wharton
YEAR Maurice James Ross also Wharton
YEAR Thomas Desmond Ross also Wharton
YEAR Eric Ford Schomberg Back also Wharton
YEAR Gordon Wylie McKendrick also Wharton
YEAR John Alexander Harper also Wharton
YEAR Peter Kennedy Horsey also Wharton
YEAR Frank Douglas Holford also Wharton
YEAR John Felgate Stevens also Wharton

See Also

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