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Commander (retired) William Cecil Howard Snell, R.N. (5 January, 1851 – 2 August, 1910) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Snell was ranked twenty-sixth in order of merit of thirty-six candidates accepted as first-class Naval Cadets following the entrance examinations of December, 1864.[1]

Snell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 April, 1875.

Snell commanded the special service vessel Imogene from July 1885 to September 1887 and would have continued in command after her recommissioning but for the Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean having reported against him. This is somewhat odd, as the C-in-C had thanked Snell for an "interesting letter ... respecting Russian Coast Defences & Torpedo Exercises in the Black Sea" before Captain Bedford issued a moderately negative inspection of Imogene in which he noted the storerooms and hold were not tidy.

In May 1893 Snell was appointed to the Coastguard in Southend. In January 1894, following the Court Martial of a Commissioned Boatsman named George Jones, Snell was informed that he should "exercise closer supervision of the internal economy of the Coastguard Establishments than he appears to have hitherto done."

Snell was placed on the Retired List on account of age with the rank of Commander on 5 January, 1896.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Captain of H.M.S. Imogene
29 Jul, 1885 – 30 Sep, 1887
Succeeded by
George V. Hegan
Preceded by
Arthur T. Target
Captain of H.M.S. Bullfrog
22 May, 1891[2] – 13 May, 1892
Succeeded by
Henry W. Steele


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