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Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. (retired) Vivian Lockyer Wiles, R.N.R. (1878 – ) served in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Life & Career

Wiles joined the R.N.R. in 1907 and cruised in the Carnarvon.

He later served in the armed merchant cruiser Oceanic, operating from Southampton by 1914. He survived her loss to grounding in September 1914 and eventually served in the Rinaldo and also as a flight observer, stationed aboard the seaplane carrier Campania, which he joined at Birkenhead in February, 1915.[1]

Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. in February, 1916, Wiles continued to serve in Campania, until late 1917, becoming her executive officer, and missing his chance to participate in the Battle of Jutland when his ship infamously failed to get the signal to sail when the Grand Fleet sortied from Scapa Flow.

In late 1917, Wiles was appointed to temporary command of the seaplane carrier Riviera.

He commanded the balloon ship Canning through the end of the war, and in her presided over the surrender of the German High Sea Fleet. Upon leaving her in April, 1919, he was presented with a silver cigarette box inscribed: "To Lieut-Commander Wiles, RNR. A jolly good fellow whom we shall all miss; good luck and the very best of wishes from his officers, HMS Canning, 2.4.19."[2]

Wiles retired after in 1936 after a seagoing life spanning 40 years.[3]

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
James H. Neild
Captain of H.M.S. Riviera
c. Nov, 1917[4] – 30 Mar, 1918[Inference]
Succeeded by
Francis E. H. G. Hobart
Preceded by
Charles F. R. Cowan
Captain of H.M.S. Canning
24 May, 1918[5]c. Apr, 1919
Succeeded by


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