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Captain (retired) Thomas Garland Harrison, (19 December, 1891 – ) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Harrison was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 October, 1912. In January, 1914, he left the destroyer Exmouth and was appointed to the battleship Ajax. He served in her through the Battle of Jutland until being appointed to Excellent for a long course in gunnery on 4 June, 1917. Qualified as a Lieutenant (G), he served in Aurora from 8 March 1918 through the end of the war.

Harrison was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 October, 1920.

Harrison was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1926. On 5 July, 1934, Harrison was appointed to Caledon, accommodated in Montrose, as Commander (D), Devonport. He was asuperseded on 20 June, 1937.

Harrison was placed on the Retired List at his own request with the rank of Captain on 19 December, 1937.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Philip Hordern
Captain of H.M.S. Calcutta
15 Aug, 1928[1] – 18 Sep, 1928[Inference]
Succeeded by
Alfred E. Evans


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