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  • ...ers was the [[Channel Squadron (Royal Navy)|Channel Squadron]], as well as ships in reserve at the Home Ports. Smaller squadrons under Commanders-in-Chief ...fleets began to concentrate ships in Home waters and to save money having ships on overseas stations. Battleships were removed from the China Station. A
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  • ...for all matters concerning the construction and maintenance of the Navy's ships.<ref>Herwig. ''"Luxury" Fleet''. pp. 21-22.</ref> ...U.B. submarines, 95 minelaying U.C. submarines, and 196 minesweepers. It lost two battleships, one battle cruiser, six armoured cruisers, eighteen light
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  • ...[[Battlecruiser|battlecruisers]] completed in 1908 and 1909 were the first ships of their type. <div name=fredbot:ships>
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  • ...8{{HepperLosses|p. 140}}|succBy=Vessel Lost|precBy=New Command|note=vessel lost under his command}} ...September 1918.<ref>''The Technical History and Index: Fire Control in HM Ships, 1919''. p. 15.</ref>
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  • ...s to land and beach the ship.<ref name=Goldrick140>Goldrick. ''The King's Ships were at Sea''. p. 140.</ref> {{UK-1Liverpool}} circled repeatedly in case ...the destroyer {{UK-1Fury}} a tow line was passed within half an hour. The ships began moving toward Lough Swilly, but ''Audacious'' was so unmanageable tha
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  • ...le of Jutland]].<ref>''The Technical History and Index: Fire Control in HM Ships'', pp. 9-11.</ref> ...ref>Dick Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/43.}} f. 204.</ref>|succBy=Vessel Lost|note=died when vessel exploded under his command|end=9 July, 1917<ref>Dick
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  • ...any special attachment or claim they had to the item(s) applied for.{{ToL|Ships' Bells for Sale|Saturday, Aug 10, 1935; pg. 6; Issue 47139}} ''Barham'' was completed with director firing installed, as all capital ships were supposed to do after 2 January, 1915.{{FCHMShips|pp. 10}}
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  • completion.<ref>''The Technical History and Index: Fire Control in H.M. Ships''. p. 18.</ref> {{UK-Revenge}} and ''Royal Oak'' were the only two ships in the class to fight at Jutland. ''Royal Oak'' was so newly placed into s
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  • ...was given the name Robert E. Lee in February, 1915 - the names of the four ships of the class being American Civil War Generals to reflect the guns backgrou ...y the Turks launched a heavy attack on the British lines and all available ships were moved up to lend fire support. The evacuation of the position was even
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  • ...p failed to get through them a sum of about half a million pounds would be lost from the current Estimates, and that this would very seriously handicap new ...coaling and proceeded to raise steam. In the meantime Sturdee ordered the ships' companies to breakfast so as to be ready for the expected battle.
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  • ...ur guns inspected were found to be defective and were withdrawn from their ships. It was deemed that the sleeves were contracting near the muzzle, generall ...ed 400 yards away and a torpedo wake streaming through a gap in the nearby ships. Despite her anti-torpedo nets being out, the torpedo fired by {{DE-U21}}
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  • <div name=fredbot:ships> </div name=fredbot:ships>
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  • ...ate of Change, Dumaresq, Mark III, Pattern 760&mdash;Supply of, to certain Ships." N.S. 2066/13.&mdash;6.6.1913. The National Archives. ADM 182/4.</ref> ...Sclater Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/43/20.}} f. 21.</ref>|succBy=Vessel Lost|note=killed when vessel exploded}}
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  • ...officers and men wearing strict uniform, which is cruelty. All the other ships in the Gulf have always worn shorts and vests, not so Caulfield (sic), who He was appointed in command of the {{UK-1Berwick|f=t}} as well as a group of ships on 20 August, 1919.{{NLSep19|p. 740}}
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  • ...>Jellicoe Papers. British Library. Add MS 49000. f. 269.</ref> The two ships left Scapa for Rosyth at 17:00 on 4 November, arriving at 08:30 on the 5th. ...g her fore bridge carried away in heavy sea, her Commander (T) and one man lost overboard, and fourteen men badly injured. She could only be steered with
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  • ...tColl|p. 31}} As a consequence, she did not resemble contemporary British ships. ...ate of Change, Dumaresq, Mark III, Pattern 760&mdash;Supply of, to certain Ships." N.S. 2066/13.&mdash;6.6.1913. {{TNA|ADM 182/4.}}</ref>
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  • ...role she would play except for a brief period in June, 1915 until she was lost to a mine on 6 January, 1916.<ref>See [[Third Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)] fitted with [[Service Gear Mark II]], in 1906, the ship was one of ten ships and two shore stations slated to receive [["C" Tune Gear]], capable of tran
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  • ...s in [[Indefatigable Class Battlecruiser (1909)|her class]]. She would be lost to a magazine explosion at the [[Battle of Jutland]] in 1916. ...le of Jutland]].<ref>''The Technical History and Index: Fire Control in HM Ships'', pp. 9-10.</ref>
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  • ...n Stafford|Edward S. Fitzherbert]], Captain Superintendent, Contract Built Ships, Clyde District, was present on behalf of the Admiralty.<ref>"The Launch of ...e same efficiency could not be expected from the 'Tiger' as from the other ships. No you have not had any complaint from me or from Pelly, it is not the ti
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  • ...entered service.<ref>''The Technical History and Index: Fire Control in HM Ships'', pp. 9-11, 16.</ref> ...k=William G. Tennant|appt=18 June, 1940|end=8 December, 1941|succBy=Vessel Lost|note=ship sunk under his command}}
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