Charles George Rodney Phillott

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Lieutenant Charles George Rodney Phillott, R.N. (11 June, 1891 – 26 December, 1915) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Phillott was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 15 May, 1914.

With Lieutenant Ruck-Keene, he jointly invented a fuse that could function by either direct impact or by delayed action. With Assistant Paymaster Clarence Teasdale-Buckell, Phillott invented a telescope for the purpose of seeing submarine periscopes at long range. The telescope was taken under trial. He also invented with Teasdale-Buckell a device to protect ships against mines. This invention was promising enough that his estate would later be awarded a prize for its development.

He was appointed to the submarine E 6 on 13 February, 1915, and died when she was lost in a minefield on 26 December 1915.

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