Ronald Clinton Mayne

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Captain (retired) Ronald Clinton Mayne, R.N. (12 February, 1882 – 10 September, 1954) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Mayne was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 November, 1902.

Mayne was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 November, 1910.[1]

Mayne was appointed to the armed merchant cruiser Marmora on 3 August, 1914 under the command of Captain James Uchtred Farie.[2]

Maybe was credited with safely bringing the sweeping sloop Rosemary into harbour after she was torpedoed by U 63 in the North Sea on 4 July, 1916.

Mayne was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1918.[3]

Mayne was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 27 October, 1922 and promoted to the rank of Captain (retired) on 12 February, 1927.

World War II

In 1944 H.M.S. Rosemarkie[?] suffered a fire. Mayne was chastised for not having distributed fire fighting equipment.

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Captain of H.M.S. Alyssum
3 Dec, 1915 – 2 Jan, 1916
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Captain of H.M.S. Buttercup
2 Jan, 1916 – Apr, 1916
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Captain of H.M.S. Rosemary
Apr, 1916[4] – 30 Jul, 1919
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William R. Napier
Senior Naval Officer, Tenth Sloop Flotilla
26 Dec, 1916 – 30 Jul, 1919
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Charles H. Jones
Captain of H.M.S. Parthian
30 Jul, 1919 – Aug, 1919
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