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Commander (retired) Norris Edwin Cutler, (7 August, 1905 – ) served in the Royal Navy. By 1939, he would rise from the rank of seaman to become a senior submarine commander.

Life & Career

In the 1920s, Cutler served in Delhi, Yarmouth and Cardiff.

Cutler was confirmed in the rank of Mate on 1 December, 1927.

Cutler was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 1 August, 1930.

Cutler was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 1 August, 1938.

While in command of the submarine Unity, Cutler's first day ever as the senior commander of a trio of submarines on exercise, he ordered the submarines to be moored for the night of 21-22 February 1939 in the lee of Sandown Pier Light. In the event, rising seas caused Sterlet and Sunfish to drag their anchors and become grounded. Cutler was Court Martialed along with the two junior commanders, but was fortunate to be the only one of the three to get off with merely a reprimand – the others were dismissed their ships.[1][2]

World War II

Cutler was placed on the Retired List on account of age at the rank of Commander on 7 August, 1950.

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Captain of H.M.S. H 34
5 Sep, 1936
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