Maine Class Battleship (1901)

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Three Maine class battleships were completed for the U.S. Navy between 1902 and 1904.

Overview of 3 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Maine William Cramp & Sons 15 Feb, 1899 27 Jul, 1901 29 Dec, 1902 Sold 1922
Missouri Newport News 7 Feb, 1900 28 Dec, 1901 1 Dec, 1903 Sold 1922
Ohio Union Iron Works 22 Apr, 1899 1901 4 Oct, 1904 Sold 1923

Design & Construction

Originally planned as further members of the preceding Illinois class, a new design was worked out to incorporate water-tube boilers, Krupp nickel-cemented armor, and a high-velocity main battery using smokeless powder.[1]


As Completed


  • four 12-inch/50 caliber
  • sixteen 6-inch/50 caliber
  • six 3-inch/50 caliber
  • eight 3-pounders


  • two 18-inch submerged tubes, six torpedoes

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