Virginia Class Battleship (1904)

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Five Virginia class battleships were completed for the U.S. Navy in 1906 and 1907.

Overview of 5 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Virginia Newport News 21 May, 1902 5 Apr, 1904 7 May, 1906 Expended 1923
Nebraska Moran Brothers Shipyard 4 Jul, 1902 7 Oct, 1904 1 Jul, 1907 Sold 1923
Georgia Bath Iron Works 31 Aug, 1901 11 Oct, 1904 24 Sep, 1906 Sold 1923
New Jersey Fore River 3 Apr, 1902 10 Nov, 1904 12 May, 1906 Expended 1923
Rhode Island Fore River 1 May, 1902 17 May, 1904 19 Feb, 1906 Sold 1923

Design & Construction

The Virginias marked an unfortunate return to the impractical double-decker turrets of the Kearsarge and Kentucky. By the time they entered service improvements in gunnery and the launch of the Dreadnought had negated any small benefit these turrets might have provided.[1] Their double turrets as well as their varied secondary battery are an example of Sir John Fisher's comment about the practice of arming warships "as if you were peopling the Ark, and wanted representatives of all calibres".[2]


As Completed


  • four 12-inch/40 caliber
  • eight 8-inch/40 caliber
  • twelve 6-inch/50 caliber
  • twelve 3-inch/50 caliber
  • twelve 3-pounders
  • two 1-pounders


  • four 21-inch submerged tubes, twelve to sixteen torpedoes

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