H.M.S. Gannet (1878)

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H.M.S. Gannet (1878)
Builder: Sheerness Royal Dockyard[1]
Launched: 31 Aug, 1878[2]
H.M.S. Gannet was one of nine Doterel Class composite screw sloops completed for the Royal Navy. She was renamed H.M.S. President in the early 1900s. A river gunboat by the same name was launched in 1927.


Commissioned at Sheerness on 3 September, 1885.[3]

Re-commissioned at Malta on 10 November, 1888.[4]

In early 1895, Dryad relieved Gannet in the Mediterranean, which returned to Englad to be taken out of service.[5]

The vessel was restored in 1987 to her 1888 appearance. She resides at Chatham Historic Dockyard.


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