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Lightly paraphrasing the Navy List,[1] the Gilbert Blane Medal was a gold medal to be conferred annually on the Medical Officer who obtained the highest aggregate marks at the examinations for promotion to the rank of Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander, the award being subject to the approval of the Presidents of the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons respectively and the Director-General of the Medical Department of the Navy.

The medals were underwritten by a Fund established in 1830 by Sir Gilbert Blane, Baronet, formerly a member of the Board for sick and wounded seamen who had done much to institute medical reform in the Royal Navy. The Fund was established with the sanction of the Board of Admiralty for the encouragement of Naval Medical Science, which is vested in the Corporation of the Royal College of Surgeons of London, in trust.

If in any year no Medical Officer passed a sufficiently meritorious examination to entitle him to the award of the Medal, it would be held over until the following year, but not more than two medals may be awarded in any one year.

If the unawarded Medals ever exceeded four, their value was to be given to the Supplemental Fund for the children of Medical Officers.


Medical Officers who received the Medal were designated by an asterisk appearing after their name in the seniority list of the Navy List. N.B.: asterisks after names of a Military Officer indicated he had been awarded the Beaufort Testimonial before the institution of the Shadwell Testimonial, and those appearing after Engineering Officer names connoted receipt of the Newman Memorial Prize.

Year Recipient Notes
YEAR Wingate Johnston
YEAR Russell Dunn
YEAR Peter Leonard
YEAR Alexander Armstrong
YEAR William Richard Edwin Smart
YEAR Charles Deane Steel
YEAR William Macleod
YEAR Alexander Eugene Mackay
YEAR David Lloyd Morgan
YEAR James Jenkins
YEAR John Denis Macdonald
YEAR Stephen Bowden
YEAR Timotheus John Haran
YEAR Richard Eustace
YEAR Thomas Colan
YEAR Dugald McEwan
YEAR Richard Charles Pasley Lawrenson
YEAR Henry Hadlow
YEAR Percy William Bassett-Smith
YEAR James Macdonald Rogers
YEAR Vidal Gunson Thorpe
YEAR George Trevor Collingwood
YEAR John Falconer Hall
YEAR Richard Cleveland Munday
YEAR Edward Sutton
YEAR Arthur Reginald Bankart
YEAR Christopher Louis White Bunton
YEAR Oswald Rees
YEAR Arthur William Bligh Livesay
YEAR Robert William Glennan Stewart
1922 Sidney Wilfred Grimwade[2]
YEAR Gilbert Francis Syms
YEAR Lionel Frederick Strugnell
YEAR Allan Watt McRorie
1929 Thomas Norman D'Arcy
YEAR Fames Frederick Herbert Gaussen
1938 Seymour Grome Rainsford [3]
YEAR William Gordon Caulfield Fitzpatrick
YEAR Thomas Cowie Hilston Neil
YEAR James Callaghan Souter
1936 James Morrow Sloane[4]
YEAR John Mansel Reese
YEAR William James Forbes Guild
YEAR Peter Kennedy Fraser

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