Denham Maurice Turner Bedford

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Rear-Admiral Denham Maurice Turner Bedford, Royal Navy (19 September, 1886 – 17 October, 1974) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

He was promoted to Lieutenant on 30 December, 1906.[1]

Gunnery Officer of Africa, Furious and Temeraire in the Grand Fleet during the First World War.

Promoted Rear-Admiral 10 August, 1938. Final address 62 Twemlow Avenue, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset. Cremated.

Service Record

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Julian F. C. Patterson
Captain of H.M.A.S. Brisbane
9 Oct, 1928[2]
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Arthur N. Dowding
Captain of Chatham Gunnery School
2 Jan, 1933[3] – 1 May, 1935
Succeeded by
Arthur L. St. G. Lyster
Preceded by
Henry R. Moore
Captain of H.M.S. Neptune
14 Dec, 1935[4] – 19 Jul, 1937
Succeeded by
John A. V. Morse
Preceded by
Ralph Kerr
Captain of H.M.S. Colombo
Jul, 1937[5] – Aug, 1938[6]
Succeeded by
Charles F. Harris


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