William Graveley Van Ingen

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Commander William Graveley Van Ingen, R.N. (6 February, 1863 – 22 February, 1902) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Paris, Ontario, Canada.

Van Ingen joined the Navy in September 1876, listing Rear Admiral E. W. Vansittart, C.B., R.N. as his guardian. This date does not coincide with a regular intake term at Britannia, which might mean that he, like Frederick Claude Coote Pasco, was a delayed entrant of the July, 1876 intake term.

Van Ingen was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in December, 1885.

Van Ingen was promoted to the rank of Commander in June 1898.

In June 1901, Admiral Sir Nathaniel Bowden-Smith, Commander-in-Chief of the Nore wrote that "I rregret to report I do not consider him a deserving office or one who should be placed in a position of trust or responsibility." Apart from a pretty bad inspection of Partridge by Captain Riddell in September 1897, this seems to be the only negative remark in his service record.

Having recently been in ill health and spending time in Switzerland and taking courses in signalling at Portsmouth, Van Ingen died on 22 February, 1902.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Norman G. Macalister
Captain of H.M.S. Partridge
10 Jan, 1896[1] – 18 Nov, 1898
Succeeded by
Allen T. Hunt
Preceded by
John R. E. Pattisson
Captain of H.M.S. Edinburgh
1 Nov, 1899[2] – 28 Apr, 1900
Succeeded by
The Hon. Francis C. B. Addington


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