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  • At 3.25 <small>P.M.</small>, G.M.T. enemy ships were reported on the starboard bow, bearing E. by N. At 3.30 <small>P.M.</small> enemy ships were in sight from {{UK-Lion}} and a range of 23,000 yards obt
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  • ...of the usual weekly cruises towards the Fisher Banks. The [[Third Battle Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|3rd B.C.S.]] had gone up to Scapa Flow for target pra drop was quite 2,000 yards short of us, and did not seem to have a very small spread. 3.50 ''Lion'' opened fire, and we opened fire. Target 4th ship fr
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  • ...though there was a half-moon, the sea was sufficiently disturbed to render small objects, even boats, difficult to discern. Had not Mr. MONTGOMERIE been a He was appointed a [[Naval Aide-de-Camp]] to King Edward VII on 15 March, 1904, vice [[Randolph Frank Ollive F
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  • 1. T<small>HAT</small> the attached Statement of Facts dealing with the compilation of the Offici 2. A<small>ND</small> I make this solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be tr
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  • ...' at right.<br><small>Image: By courtesy of Terry Dickens [astraltrader].</small>]] ...g me kindly by the shoulder and saying, "Well, my little man, you are very small for your age. Why are you being sent to sea?"<br>
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  • S<small>IR</small>, I<small>N</small> compliance with your orders, I have the honour to forward the following re
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  • I<small>N</small> accordance with your signal 0600 of to-day, I have the honour to submit th 2. At 3.15 p.m., enemy reports between the Light Cruiser Squadrons and Battle Cruisers and the Commander-in-Chief began to be receiv
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  • ...t Scouting Group of three battlecruisers and the armoured cruiser S.M.S. {{DE-Blucher}}, the four light cruisers of the 2nd Scouting Group and two flotil 'The intention was to make an extended destroyer advance with cruiser support, in order to clear the course to the Dogger Bank of trawlers employ
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  • ...ocks or on the water front, and we had some experience of yachting both in small craft & large yachts, amongst the latter being the racing yacht belonging t ...commission the ''Newcastle'' and Jellicoe visited China, Port Stanley, Rio de Janeiro, South Africa and St. Helena, where Jellicoe visited Napoleon Bonap
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  • ...quently delayed till mid-December because of machinery problems with the {{DE-VonDerTann|f=t}}.{{GoldrickKing'sShips|p. 191}} ...a potentially suspicious transit through the Kiel Canal. The submarine {{DE-U27}} was sent to reconnoitre Scarborough and Hartlepool, and reported weak
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  • Cruiser Squadron''', also called '''Cruiser Force I''' from 1914, was a cruiser squadron of the [[Royal Navy]]. <div name=fredbot:office0 otitle="Rear-Admiral Commanding, Ninth Cruiser Squadron" nat="UK">
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  • The '''Fifth Light Cruiser Squadron''' was a [[Royal Navy]] formation during the [[First World War]]. {{UK-1Penelope}} was damaged by a torpedo from the {{DE-UB29}} on 25 April, but curiously remains a member of the flotilla, on pape
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  • ...arrow seas.[* Compare Mons. L. E. Bertin's work, "Etat actuel de la Marine de Guerre."] ...As an example, the ''Vernon'' frigate may be compared with the third-class cruiser ''Pearl'' of nearly the same displacement.
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  • ! align= center | <small>Where</small><ref>TNA = The National Archives, Kew; NMM = National Maritime Museum, Gree ! align= center | <small>Reference</small>
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  • ...ith nucleus crews only. Her strength is now twenty-four old T.B.Ds. and a cruiser based on Devonport.<ref>"Torpedo Flotilla Organization" ''The Times'' (Lon |align=center colspan=5|'''Flotilla Cruiser'''
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  • |align=center colspan=5|'''Flotilla Cruiser''' |align=center colspan=6|'''Flotilla Cruiser'''
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  • ...avy List'', becoming the fourth flotilla attached to the Grand Fleet. Its small initial size (a flotilla leader, seven "M" class destroyers, and a depot sh The newly completed {{UK-Castor|f=p}} has come to act as flotilla cruiser.
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  • Light cruiser '''H.M.S. ''Amphion''''', completed in 1913, was the first ship of the [[Ro ...s contemporary documents do, as one of seven ships of the [[Boadicea Class Cruiser (1908)|''Boadicea'' class]].
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  • ...enry Hervey Campbell|Henry H. Campbell]], Rear-Admiral Commanding, Seventh Cruiser Squadron, and Rear-Admiral [[Arthur Henry Christian|Arthur H. Christian]], ...ix weeks of the war both British and German submarines sank an enemy light cruiser. Some British admirals, such as Admiral Sir [[John Rushworth Jellicoe, Firs
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  • The eleven [[Third Class Cruiser|third class cruisers]] of the '''''Pelorus'' Class''' were completed betwee|<small>Citations for this data available on individual ship pages</small>
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