Haddock Class Submarine (1913)

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Eight Haddock class submarines[1] were completed for the U.S. Navy in 1913-14. Although four had been given names, they were reclassified as the "K" class and given names K-1 through K-8.

Design and Construction


In early 1916, the U.S. Navy considered that the effective endurance of the K class at sea was ten days, and that the crew would then need about 12-14 days to recover their health while the engines received a necessary overhaul. It was felt that, at surface displacements of under 500 tons, all but three of the existing American submarines were too small, and that the larger boats in German service produced a more effective fighting force.[2]


In early 1916, four K class boats were at Pearl Harbor, their crews living aboard U.S.S. Alert. Three others were being sent to Pensacola, Florida.[3]


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