William Louis Hackney

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Boatswain William Louis Hackney, R.N. (9 April, 1856 – 27 October, 1922) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Hackney was promoted to the rank of Boatswain with a seniority of 12 November, 1883.

On 2 May, 1900, while in Cambrian, he was obliged to forfeit a year's seniority by Court Martial, and was dismissed the ship.

On 14 April, 1903 another Court Martial aboard Russell deprived him of a whopping five years' seniority, and he was dismissed the ship. His seniority was now 12 November, 1889. It appears he was also pensioned from that date.

Hackney did contribute to the war effort, however, being appointed to Actæon from 15 September 1914 to 26 July, 1916 at which time he resorted to a disability pension for arterio sclerosis aggravated by naval service.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
William H. F. Taylor
Captain of H.M. T.B. 12
18 Jul, 1889[1] – 7 Sep, 1889
Succeeded by


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