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Rear-Admiral William John Grogan, R.N., Retired (3 October, 1858 – 14 March, 1915) was an officer of the Royal Navy during the First World War.

Life & Career

In July, 1871, Grogan was ranked twenty-sixth in order of merit of thirty-five candidates accepted as Naval Cadets following the entrance examinations.[1]

On 30 June, 1882, Grogan was promoted to Lieutenant.

On 1 January, 1895, Grogan was promoted to Commander.

On 31 December 1900, Grogan was promoted to Captain.

He was appointed in command of the armoured cruiser Aboukir on 16 June, 1905.[2]

In early 1906, Grogan was found guilty at a Court Martial for grounding Donegal by default and he was severely reprimanded.

Grogan retired at own request on 24 October 1908.

On 27 December, 1910, Grogan was promoted to Rear-Admiral (retired).

On 16 November 1914, Grogan was appointed in command of the yacht Sapphire II, with the rank of temporary Captain R.N.R.. Grogan drowned on 14 March, 1915. It was felt he may have committed suicide, but the verdict was stated as simply "found drowned".

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