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Since I first became seriously interested in naval history in 2006 I have received the help of many, many people. This page is a means of acknowledging some of that assistance. More names will be added as they spring to mind! Titles have been purposely omitted except in obvious cases.

My chief acknowledgement has to go to Tony Lovell, whose original incarnation of this website rekindled my love of naval history, and whose generosity and hard work has made this website, and much of my own research, possible.

  • Keith Allen.
  • Dave Alton.
  • Byron Angel.
  • Rob Brassington.
  • John Brooks.
  • Colin Brown.
  • Chris Buckey.
  • The late D. K. Brown.
  • Ian Buxton.
  • Stephen Coomber.
  • The Lord Fisher.
  • James Goldrick.
  • C. Iain Hamilton.
  • The Duke of Hamilton.
  • Keith Jeffery.
  • Nick Jellicoe.
  • Bill Jurens.
  • Andrew Lambert.
  • Nicholas Lambert.
  • Steve McLaughlin.
  • Oswyn Murray.
  • Jon Parshall.
  • Carlos Rivera.
  • John Roberts.
  • The late Bill Scheihauf.
  • Matthew Seligmann.
  • Andrew Smith.
  • Jon T. Sumida.
  • Richard Worth.