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The Turret Director Trainer was the man who, in British capital ships fitted with directors, trains a gun turret to the proper bearing for firing, a process called training. His station and duty were distinct from that of the trainer in the turret who would train the turret in local mode.

Station and Equipment

The turret director trainer was not stationed in the turret, but on a lower level[Citation needed] and did not have a telescope or periscope to see the enemy. Rather, we relied on a Training Receiver to tell him the angle the director wanted him to train his turret to, and he did so using hydraulic controls similar to those of the trainer above.

Local Laying

The turret director trainer was only used when the guns were under director control. It is possible that the man serving as turret director trainer might have ancillary tasks to fulfill when his services were unneeded.

Director Laying

This is when the turret director trainer was needed. He would follow the pointer with his training receiver to keep his mounting properly trained. A voicepipe nearby would permit him to receive period reports of the gun range being used, and he would dial this into his training receiver to compensate for convergence in bearing.

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