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Lieutenant-Commander Rowland John Robb Langmaid, Royal Navy, Retired (1 December, 1897 – 11 January, 1956) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Early Life & Career

Born 30 November, 1897.

At the outbreak of war, Langmaid was appointed to the old battleship H.M.S. Agamemnon, in which he observed and sketched landings in the Dardanelles. He remained in the pre-dreadnought until September 1916 when he was sent to join the destroyer Kennet, but he took ill in late October and was invalided. His evaluations note that he was "not promising as E.O.", which I believe means "engineering officer". In 1917, his "weak physique" was described in an evaluation.

Langmaid was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 15 May 1919 after baing an acting Lt. for eight months. He served in Argus in 1919 and then Dunedin in 1921 after some courses at Cambridge University and in gunnery. He expressed an interest in signals, but no one seems to have offered him a chance to proceed along this path.

Langmaid was a talented artist, and during the Great War provided pencil sketch illustrations for Ronald Arthur Hopwood's noteworthy naval poem of 1896, The Laws of the Navy.

Retired at his own request on 10 November 1922, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 May, 1927.

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