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Vice-Admiral Robert Woodward, C.B., R.N., (7 November, 1838 – 16 April, 1907) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

The son of Reverend Thomas Woodward.

Woodward was promoted to the rank of Mate in 1857 and participated in the second China war, taking part in operations against Canton and in the capture of the forts at Taku.[1]

Woodward was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 19 May, 1859.

Woodward was promoted to the rank of Commander on 4 April, 1870.

Woodward was promoted to the rank of Captain on 4 September, 1879.

In July 1885, Woodward received the thanks of the French government for help in searching for their gunboat Renard.

On 29 May 1886, Woodward received a C.B. for his work in command of the Naval Brigade in Burma in 1885 where he disinguished himself in a series of actions, from taking command on 17 November and for being in action on the 20th and 24th through 26th, culminating in the capitulation of Ava on the 27th and the surrender of Mandalay on 28th November.

Woodward was placed on the Retired List on 1 June, 1893 and promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral (retired) on 4 March, 1894.

Woodward was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral (retired) on 10 August, 1900.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Captain of H.M.S. Turquoise
20 May, 1884[2] – 2 Nov, 1887
Succeeded by
John W. Brackenbury
Preceded by
Philip H. Colomb
Captain of H.M.S. Duke of Wellington
20 Dec, 1887[3] – 1 Jan, 1891
Succeeded by
Henry St. L. B. Palliser
Preceded by
Tynte F. Hammill
Captain of H.M.S. Nelson
10 Aug, 1891[4] – 1 Jun, 1893
Succeeded by
Robert F. Hammick


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