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Mate (E) was a rank of the Royal Navy introduced in 1914 as a means of promoting men from the lower deck of the Engineer Branch to Commissioned rank. It ranked with Sub-Lieutenant and officers promoted to it could go on to be promoted to the rank of Engineer Lieutenant.


Candidates were selected from Artificer Engineers, Chief Engine Room Artificers, and Engine Room Artficers. They were required to have four years' service as an Engine Room Artificer, 4th Class, and to be below the age of 32, which age was lowered to 30 in 1917. If they were deemed to be suitable candidates for a commission by the Captain and Engineer Officer of a ship then they were placed, on the Captain's recommendation, on a Fleet Roster of candidates for the rank of Acting Mate (E).

The number of promotions was set at 50 to be spread over five years from 1914. Acting Mates (E) were classified as Ward Room officers. The minimum period of service as Acting Mate (E) and Mate (E) before promotion to the rank of Engineer Lieutenant was two years.[1]

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