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Face of Indicator[1]

Kilroy's Turret Training Indicator was a system to indicate by use of small scale models, the training and elevation of turrets and guns. They were probably first deployed in superimposed turrets, at least, of the Iron Duke class.[1][Inference]

It was one of several contributions of Willie Dickson Kilroy, an inventor and officer in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve.

Wiring and Details

The position of each turret was signalled electrically from a transmitter driven by a rack of the turret trunks located in the handing room. The indicators driven were located in the turrets in the Turret Officer's position. The system was powered on and off by action of removing or replacing the hand-securing bolts — much like the hand-securing bolt indicators. The indicator displayed a small red dot should power fail or when the bolts were inserted, and the turret models would return to their securing positions. It was necessary to restore power and move the turrets within 8 degrees of their securing position to get the system in sync again.[2]

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