Kawachi (1910)

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Kawachi (1910)
Builder: Yokosuka Navy Arsenal
Ordered: FY1907OB[1]22 June 1907
Laid down: 1 April 1909
Launched: 15 October 1910
Completed: 31 March 1912
Commissioned: 1 April 1912
Decommissioned: 21 Sept 1918
Sunk in accident: 12 Jul, 1918

IJN Battleship Kawachi was the first of two battleships built by the Imperial Japanese Navy right after the Russo-Japanese War as the first Dreadnoughts for the country. Unusually for a dreadnought, Kawachi-class had four 50 Calibre 12-in guns forward and aft, and eight 45 Calibre 12-in guns on the sides because the 50 Calibre guns became available after the class was planned.



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  1. Fiscal Year 1907, Ordinary Budget


Kawachi Class Dreadnought
  Kawachi Settsu  
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