James Hoban Sands

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Rear Admiral James Hoban Sands (12 July, 1845 – 26 October, 1911) served in the United States Navy.

Life & Career

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Henry A. Adams, Jr.
Captain of U.S.S. Iroquois
10 Apr, 1882[1]
Succeeded by
Charles F. Pond
Preceded by
George W. Sumner
Captain of U.S.S. Columbia
10 Sep, 1895[2]
Succeeded by
Albert S. Snow
Preceded by
Silas Casey
Commandant, Navy Yard, League Island
? – Dec, 1902[3]
Succeeded by
Charles D. Sigsbee
Preceded by
Willard H. Brownson
Superintendent of the Naval Academy
1 Jul, 1905[Citation needed] – 15 Jul, 1907
Succeeded by
Charles J. Badger


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