James Geoffry Penrose Ingham

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Captain James Geoffry Penrose Ingham, R.N. (26 March, 1879 – ) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

His second name may be "Geoffrey", but it is offered in the given form half the time, so I suppose it has to be this unconventional spelling.

Life & Career

Ingham was appointed in command of the aircraft carrier Vindictive on 13 September, 1918.[1]

See Also

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
John J. W. Calderon
Captain of H.M.S. Wallaroo
1 Apr, 1915[2]
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Kenneth G. B. Dewar
Captain of Devonport Gunnery School
29 Jul, 1916[3] – 13 Sep, 1918
Succeeded by
George V. W. Carey
Preceded by
Captain of H.M.S. Vindictive
13 Sep, 1918[4]
Succeeded by
Henry E. Grace


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