Jackson Everett Prize

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The Jackson Everett Prize was created in 1927 when a group of past and present Signal Officers subscribed a sum of approximately £280 to institute a prize for officers qualifying as Signal Specialists.

The Prize was to be awarded annually to the Officer of the Royal Navy, or of a Commonwealth Navy, who passed the best final examinations (visual signalling and wireless telegraphy) in the qualifying course for Signal Officers. The Prize may not be awarded in any year in which the standard of results obtained by the Officer passing the best examinations is not considered to be of sufficient merit to warrant the award.

The Prize consisted of a sum of money (the income available for the purchase of books and/or instruments).


Year Recipient Notes
1928 John Peter Lorne Reid
YEAR Edward William Jervis Bankes
YEAR Julian Liddell
YEAR Bradwell Talbot Turner
YEAR John Ridgway Berridge Longden
YEAR Edward Trevor Lloyd Dunsterville
YEAR Peter Hankey
YEAR David Eliot Bromley-Martin
c. 1937 John Ronald Gordon Trechman
c. 1938 John Outhit Harold Burrough
c. 1940 Raymond Garnier Dreyer

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