H.M.S. Monarch at the Battle of Jutland

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1758. Light Cruisers opened fire, bearing ahead, course S.E. by S.
1802. Altered course South. Sighted Battle Cruiser Force in action on Starboard Bow. 4-funnelled cruiser in action ahead ("Defence").
1806. Altered course S.E. Battle Cruiser Force commenced to cross between Battle Fleet and enemy. Cruisers heavily engaged.
1815. Battle Fleet deployed to form Line of battle S.E. by E.

Battle Cruiser Force blanking us from enemy. Two 4-funnelled cruisers ("Defence" and "Warrior") retiring towards rear end of our Battle Fleet. "Defence" disappeared in cloud of steam. "Warrior" obscured by splashes, but appeared to emerge safely.

1822. Formed astern of 1st Division, course S.E. by E.
1830. Opened fire on enemy light cruiser ("Kolberg" class) apparently stopped, heading about N.N.W., bearing 75° Green. Fired three salvoes, range 10,400. 1st missed right, 2nd just missed right, 3rd straddled.
1833. Sighted five battleships about 95 Green, 3 "Königs" and 2 "Kaisers", 12,000 yards. Opened fire on leading "Königs" (2 salvoes). 1st over and right. 2nd appeared to straddle Quarter Deck. Shifted to ship of "Kaiser" class, 1 salvo, result not seen. Battleships disappeared. Ceased fire.
1845. Altered course S.E.
1853. Altered course South.
1905. Altered course S.W. by S. to form ahead of "Iron Duke".
1908. Altered course South.
1914. Opened fire at Battle Cruiser (probably "Lutzow") escorted by Destroyers, bearing 76° Green. Fired five salvoes. 1st Short. Up. 2nd over, down OMITTED. 3rd short, up. 4th and 5th straddled, but hits could not be seen for certain owing to smoke. Ship lost to sight in spray and smoke. She commenced zig-zagging after 3rd salvo. Range 17,300 to 18,450.
1916. Ship observed heavily on fire, bearing 95 Green.
1919. Observed Battle Cruiser of "Derfflinger" class bearing 110 Green. Also "Seydlitz," "Moltke" and "Von der Tann" behind and astern of her. They were very much scattered and appeared to have no formation. Trained on to "Derfflinger," but she disappeared behind smoke screen before "Monarch" could open fire.
1922. Altered course S.E. 4th Battle Squadron firing at enemy destroyers about 95 green. 4th Light Cruiser Squadron attacked and drove off enemy destroyers.
1927. Altered course South.
1935. Altered course S.W.
1942. Altered course S.W. by W. 1/2 W.
2000. Altered course West.
2022. Altered course W.S.W.
2026. Altered course West.
2028. Altered course S.W.
2030. Heavy firing ahead.
2040. "Calliope" hit. Could only see flashes of German guns.
2102. Altered course South.

Throughout the action and during the night "Monarch" kept station on "Orion" and did not act independently at any time.

The following incidents occurred during the night of 31st May—1st June :—
About 2130, a German star shell was fired on our starboard beam.
About 2200, a Division of German battleships was in action with one of our destroyer flotillas on our starboard quarter,
A little later, another destroyer attack took place astern of us.
About 0330 a Zeppelin was sighted on our starboard beam when we were steering North. Trained turrets on to her, but did not fire as she was outside the range.
Steamed through a good deal of wreckage during the morning of 1st June and noticed one of the "Fortune's" lifebuoys.