Fly Class Gunboat (1915)

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Britain launched sixteen Fly Class Gunboats in 1915 and 1916 for use on the Tigris.

They were built in sections and re-assembled on the Tigris – the dates of launch cited here are when their sections were shipped out from the builders.


The vessels were as follows:[1]

  • 98 tons
  • 126 feet overall (102 pp)
  • 20 foot beam
  • 2 foot draught
  • 175 I.H.P. for 9.5 knots


  • one 4-in
  • one 12-pdr
  • one 6-pdr (or one 2-pdr)

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  1. Dittmar; Colledge. British Warships 1914–1919. p. 106.


Fly Class Gunboat
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