Eighth Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)

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The Eighth Battle Squadron was a battle squadron of the Royal Navy at the beginning of the First World War.


Illustrious was reduced to care and maintenance on 9 August, and her crew commissioned the new battleship Erin. Vengeance became flagship of the squadron on 15 August, replacing Prince George. [1]


December, 1912

Handwritten on stationery from H.M.S. Princess Royal, Albert Francis Barclay Bridges recorded the order of battle for the Grand Fleet, whose contents are found on articles for the various formations. The Fleet flagship was noted as being Neptune, which was not part of any Battle Squadron.[2]

December, 1913

Part of the Third Fleet, the roster is the same as it was the previous year.[3]

July, 1914

The Squadron participated in the Test Mobilisation as follows.[4]

8 August, 1914

Based in Devonport with the Seventh Battle Squadron, which seems to have possibly stolen Jupiter between 5 and 8 August, and other ships soon thereafter.[1]

Attached: third class protected cruiser Sapphire, third class protected cruiser Proserpine

Rear-Admirals Commanding

Dates of appointment given:


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