Danton Class Battleship (1909)

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Overview of 6 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Condorcet 20 Aug, 1909
Danton 4 Jul, 1909
Diderot 19 Apr, 1909
Mirabeau 28 Oct, 1909
Vergniaud 12 Apr, 1910
Voltaire 16 Jan, 1909

Fire Control

The first French class of battleships with coincidence rangefinders and stepper motor order transmitters similar to those of Barr and Stroud as designed. Otherwise organisation was as in previous ships. Later the P.C. was fitted with a Le Prieur Fire Control Table (assume M1916) during WWI.


Barr & Stroud 9ft devices either side of the bridge. Turrets had 4.5ft devices.

Bearing Indicators

Possibly fitted late in WWI.


The notion of director did not exist for these ships, although ranges may have been transmitted automatically late in WWI. Fire was directed by the commander in the blockhouse.

Gunnery Control

The ship's guns were organized in 3 groups:

  1. Fore and aft turrets
  2. Starboard turrets
  3. Port turrets

Local Control in Turrets

Each turret could operate as an independent section if required, being equipped with a rangefinder, range tables and possibly a portable range clock.

Transmitting Stations - Post Central

There was one TS for the ship, passing orders for range using Lecomte-Aubry (L.A.) stepper motor transmitters for range and the Germain hydraulic system for other functions. Some ships may have used the more advanced L.A. system for other gunnery data late WWI.

Le Prieur tables would have been fitted from 1916 onwards.

Torpedo Control

Other Notes

Last ships to use French Electric turrets.

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