Commander Llewelyn Prize

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The Commander Llewelyn Prize was awarded either quarterly or half-yearly at the discretion of the Captain of H.M.S. Excellent to the Seaman who, when qualifying for Gunner's Mate at the school, passed the best examination in Gunnery subjects (excluding the School Course) during the period under consideration.

The prize was founded in 1917 in memory of the late Commander Robert Harman Llewelyn, R.N., who was killed in action on board H.M.S. Queen Mary at the Battle of Jutland, on the 31st May, 1916. The prize consisted of cash dividends on a sum of £400 Government Stock, presented by Llewelyn's family and held in trust by the Admiralty, was employed in providing for the prize.


Unfortunately, although the Prize is mentioned in Navy Lists of April 1920 and one from as late as 1957, there is no notation specified to mark recipients. Searching The Times reveals no matches, either. I can only hope that winners of the prize have it noted in their Service Records, but I have yet to discover any.

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