Chief of the Staff to the First Naval Lord

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The Chief of the Staff was an assistant to the First Naval Lord from 1870 to 1872.


The second Chief of the Staff, Captain George O. Willes, told the Somerset committee on the Board of Admiralty in 1871 that when the Franco-Prussian War broke out:

Mr. Childers thought it necessary to increase the strength of the Admiralty, I believe, and he appointed Admiral Seymour to act, and on my return [from sea] I took his duties, which was confirmed by the Treasury in October last, under the name of Chief of Staff.

He told the same committee that:

My duties, under the superintendence of the First Naval Lord, are the superintendence of the coastguard, first reserve ships and their tenders, drill ships of the Royal Naval Reserve and their tenders;

Chiefs of the Staff


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