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All images in this section are protected by copyright, as the marks on them indicate. I freely grant the right to reproduce the images as-is, in electronic form. Print publication requires written permission.

Contrary to the watermarks, I seldom offer higher resolution scans except in cases of vital need and true merit, as the demands on my time were just too great.

Ship Plans

These drawings are of German ships intended for use before or during World War I.

Post World War I

These drawings are of ships built after World War I. Some are of ships the Germans captured during World War II.

French Service Historique Ship Plans

France's Service Historique posted over 3,000 scanned ship plan images some time ago at this link, but their official website was hacked and has been offline for months. Luckily, I had downloaded a complete copy of what was then available on their site before the hacking occurred. I am unable to contact them to inquire about copyright, as their contact form does not allow me to select any choices in its first two widgets.

Guessing that their commendably liberal policy (merci beaucoup, France!) for providing these images indicates that they'd indeed want them made available, I have made the plans available here.

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