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Four Carp class submarines[1] were completed for the U.S. Navy in 1912-13. On 17 November, 1911, they would be redesignated the "F" class and given names F-1 through F-4, not to be confused with submarines of Britain's "F" class of 1915.

Overview of 4 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Carp Union Iron Works 6 Sep, 1911 19 Jun, 1912 Collision 17 Dec, 1917
Barracuda Union Iron Works 19 Mar, 1912 25 Jun, 1912 Sold 17 Aug, 1922
Pickerel Moran Brothers Shipyard 6 Jan, 1912 5 Aug, 1912 Sold 17 Aug, 1922
Skate Moran Brothers Shipyard 6 Jan, 1912 3 May, 1913 Foundered 25 Mar, 1915

Design and Construction



In early 1916, the three surviving F class boats were stationed at Mare Island, their crews living aboard U.S.S. Intrepid.[2]


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  1. It is uncertain if they were ever called such.
  2. Estimates Submitted to the Secretary of the Navy, Volume II, 1916. p. 1553.


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Carp Class Submarine
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