Benjamin Franklin Tilley

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Rear Admiral Benjamin Franklin Tilley (29 March, 1848 – 18 March, 1907) served in the United States Navy.

His son Benjamin Franklin Tilley, Jr. also served in the Navy.

Life & Career

Tilley graduated first in his class at Annapolis.

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Captain of U.S.S. Newport
5 Oct, 1897[1]
Succeeded by
Albert Mertz
Preceded by
Marcus B. Buford
Captain of U.S.S. Abarenda
9 Mar, 1899[2]
Succeeded by
John L. Purcell
Preceded by
Commandant, Naval Station, Tutuila
9 Mar, 1899[3]
Succeeded by
Edmund B. Underwood
Preceded by
William W. Mead
Captain, Navy Yard, Mare Island
Mar, 1902 – 11 Jan, 1905
Succeeded by
Alexander McCrackin
Preceded by
Henry B. Mansfield
Captain of U.S.S. Iowa
14 Jan, 1905[4]
Succeeded by
Henry McCrea
Preceded by
Joseph E. Craig
Commandant, Navy Yard, League Island
23 Feb, 1907 – 18 Mar, 1907
Succeeded by
Edwin C. Pendleton


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