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Lieutenant Basil James Carlisle Wise, (4 January, 1910 – 8 June, 1940) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

After serving twenty months aboard the battlecruiser Hood, Wise was appointed to the battlecruiser Tiger on 17 May 1929.

He was promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant on 16 January, 1931. On 3 March, he was sent to Haslar Hospital with acute appendicitis. He was declared fit on 10 April. On 15 May he was attached to the R.A.F.,[1] being sent to a base at Leuchars on 17 May.[2] On 8 July 1931, he declared that he wanted to serve in the Fleet Air Arm.

Sadly, his service records are like many of his contemporaries, petering out in 1931 in an apparent massive loss of such material from those troves which eventually found a home at The National Archives.

Wise was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 16 May, 1933.[3] At about the same time, he was appointed as an R.A.F. Flight Officer to Glorious for 812 Squadron.[4]

He was appointed to St. Angelo on 17 October 1934.[5]

He was awarded the Robert Roxburgh Memorial Prize for being the Naval Cadet who obtained the highest place in the grand aggregate of marks in the Passing Out Examination at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. He was also awarded the Henry Leigh Carslake Prize for an essay submitted as a Naval Observer for the Fleet Air Arm.

He was one of nine R.A.F. men selected to commence a Naval Observer's Course of about nine months on 4 May 1936. It would include instruction in signals, tactics and gunnery at Portsmouth, and in air tactics and navigation, photography, airmanship, and bombing at the School of Naval Cooperation of the R.A.F. at Lee-on-Solent.[6]

Wise was appointed to the aircraft carrier Argus as Lieutenant (O) on 28 December, 1938.[7]

He died at age 30 when Glorious was sunk on 8 June, 1940.[8]

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