Barracouta Class Cruiser (1889)

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The four third class cruisers of the Barracouta Class, the first of the type built for the Royal Navy, were completed in 1890.

Overview of 4 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Barracouta Sheerness Royal Dockyard 1888 16 May, 1889 1890 Sold 1905
Barossa Portsmouth Royal Dockyard May, 1888 16 Apr, 1889 1890 Sold 1905
Blanche Pembroke Royal Dockyard May, 1888 6 Sep, 1889 1890 Sold 1905
Blonde Pembroke Royal Dockyard May, 1888 22 Oct, 1889 1890 Sold 1905

Dreyer Table

These ships had no fire control tables.[1]

Fire Control Instruments

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  1. Handbook of Captain F. C. Dreyer's Fire Control Tables, 1918. p. 3.


Barracouta Class Third Class Protected Cruiser
  Barracouta Barossa Blanche Blonde  
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