Arrogant Class Cruiser (1896)

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The four second-class protected cruisers of the Arrogant class were completed between 1898 and 1900.

Overview of 4 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Arrogant Devonport Royal Dockyard 1895 26 May, 1896 1898 Sold 13 Nov, 1923
Furious Devonport Royal Dockyard 10 Jun, 1895 3 Dec, 1896 1 Jul, 1898 Sold May, 1923
Gladiator Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Jan, 1896 18 Dec, 1896 Apr, 1899 Collision 25 Apr, 1908
Vindictive Chatham Royal Dockyard 27 Jan, 1896 9 Dec, 1897 4 Jul, 1900 Blockship 10 May, 1918

Design & Construction

The Arrogants were designed at the instigation of First Sea Lord Sir Frederick Richards as 'Fleet Rams'.




  • four 6-in Q.F. guns on P. II U.D. mountings
  • six 4.7-in guns
  • eight 12-pdr Q.F. guns
  • three 3-pdr Q.F. guns

In 1903-04, the 4.7-in guns were replaced by six additional 6-in guns.[Citation needed]

In early 1905, it was approved that the 6-in guns should be equipped with "A" class cross connected sights.[1]


  • two submerged 18-in tubes on broadside forward, depressed three degrees and bearing abeam; axis of tube was 6 foot 3 inches below load water line and 1 feet 4 inches above the deck.[2]

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