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Lieutenant-Commander Albert Sigismund Elwell-Sutton (19 June, 1878 – ) entered the Royal Navy as Albert Siegmund Susmann in January, 1892.. He changed his name some August around the year 1911.

Life & Career

Susmann was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 January, 1898.[1]

Susmann was appointed to Powerful on 17 December, 1907 to provide gunnery services and as Inspector of Warlike Stores for the Naval Establishments of Sydney.[2]

He was appointed to Euryalus on 15 October, 1912.[3]

He qualified as an Interpreter in French.

Susmann was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 January, 1906.[4]

He was appointed to Triumph as gunnery officer on 28 August, 1913.[5]

Susmann was appointed as acting Commander to Tamar, receiving ship at Hong Kong on 30 November, 1914.[6]

Elwell-Sutton ceded command of the sweeping sloop Sir Bevis and was placed on the Retired List on 8 August, 1919.

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