Admiralty Letter to Jellicoe, 31 July, 1914

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Letter from the Permanent Secretary to the Admiralty, W. Graham Greene detailing Jellicoe's assumption of command of the Grand Fleet. Reproduced in Correlli Barnett, The Swordbearers, p. 104.


31st July 1914


I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to inform you that, in the circumstances which will have arisen when the present letter will have been opened, They have been pleased to select you to be Commander-in-Chief of the Grand or First Fleet in succession to Admiral Sir George Callaghan. You are therefore forthwith on receipt of orders to open this letter to repair with it on board H.M.S. "Iron Duke", show it to Sir George Callaghan as your authority for so doing and arrange with him for whatever immediate steps may be necessary to make your succession to his command effective. Thereafter Sir George Callaghan will come on shore.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant

W Graham Greene


Vice-Admiral Sir John Jellicoe

KCB, etc, etc.


Only to be opened on receipt of telegraphic instructions from the Admiralty to that effect, which will be conveyed in the words:—

"Open secret personal envelope taken with you from London"

Vice-Admiral Sir John Jellicoe KCB &c.