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By Order in Council of 12 November, 1900, the number of Fleet Paymasters, Staff Paymasters, and Paymasters, was increased to 250. The number of Assistant Paymasters and Clerks was fixed at 300, and the numbers of Assistant Clerks was to be regulated at the discretion of the Admiralty.[1]


Before November, 1918. After November, 1918.
Paymaster Director-General* Paymaster Rear-Admiral
Paymaster-in-Chief Paymaster Captain
Fleet Paymaster Paymaster Commander
Staff Paymaster Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander
Assistant Paymaster Paymaster Lieutenant
Clerk Paymaster Midshipman
Assistant Clerk Paymaster Cadet
  • Paymaster Director-General was initially an appointment only, but the rank of Paymaster-Rear-Admiral was retroactively applied to it by Order in Council of 20 December, 1919.[2]

Paymaster Directors-General


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