"A" and "B" Class Destroyer (1929)

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Twenty "A" and "B" Class Destroyers were completed in the early 1930s.

This class inaugurated Britain's new scheme for destroyer production, in which a given year's build would generally comprise a flotilla of eight destroyers and a leader, with names sharing the same initial letter (more or less). Furthermore, the even years would have ships of a very minor alteration over the previous year's design, reducing cost and complexity while making it convenient to name the classes by paired letters.

The "A" class ships were launched primarily in 1929 – eight destroyers for the Royal Navy with leader H.M.S. Codrington, as well as an additional two destroyers for the Royal Canadian Navy. The following year's "B" class was comprised of eight destroyers for Britain and their leader, H.M.S. Keith.

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"A" and "B" Class Destroyer
"A" Class Leader
  Acasta Achates Active Antelope  
  Anthony Ardent Arrow Acheron  
Canadian Destroyers
  Saguenay Skeena  
"B" Class Leader
  Basilisk Beagle Blanche Boadicea  
  Boreas Brazen Brilliant Bulldog  
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